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Dev: Next Metro Won’t Release on PC At All, If Players Boycott Metro Exodus

As we know, Metro Exodus suddenly became a timed exclusive title for Epic Games Store. This choice was not at all liked by the fans and, as the pre-order on other digital stores will be respected, many have started to leave negative reviews on Steam for the previous two games (right or not).

One of the developers of 4A Games, the team that created the series, intervened on a forum regarding this whole situation. ““, with this nickname, has admitted that the decision to move Metro Exodus on the Epic store has been sudden and understands that this could create some inconvenience to the fans. At the same time, however, he is aware of the fact that the players who pirate the video games would have done it anyway and that they are not the target of the team.

“Scynet” went further, stating that if PC players will boycott Metro Exodus, then there won’t be a new series of the game on PC. Probably the developer got a bit of a drag from the situation and exaggerated. This is the opinion of one person and not of the entire team, but it shows the concern of 4A Games for what happened.

Furthermore, one should understand how huge PC sales should be in order to make development on such a platform convenient. What do you think about it? Do you believe that the situation is really critical, or do you think that eventually players will opt for the Epic store, just to play Metro Exodus? Tell us in the comments below.

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