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Metal Gear Survive Campaign Will Require Constant Internet Connection


Shortly after revealing the release date of Metal Gear Survive, Konami released its pre-sale page. There, several players discovered that you will need to be connected to the Internet constantly to enjoy the single player mode of this adventure.

At the pre-sale site, Konami points out that those who play on consoles will require PlayStation Plus or Xbox LIVE Gold to access the cooperative modes of Metal Gear Survive. That said, the interesting thing is the message below, which states that “An Internet connection is required to play the game.” At the moment, Konami has not made any comment about it.

While the main focus of Metal Gear Survive is its cooperative action, Konami’s game will feature a “dense” mode for single player. In it, your mission will be to accompany a soldier in search of answers and a way to escape the hostile world in which he is. Like the cooperative mode, the campaign will feature the game mechanics that made The Phantom Pain one of the best games of 2015.

According to the official site of Metal Gear Survive, the campaign for single player will have various missions, which will help you become familiar with the game system. In addition, you must keep in mind that in this way you will find different recipes and materials that will be used to make objects in the cooperative.

What do you think about this news? Are you interested in trying the Metal Gear Survive single player mode?

Metal Gear Survive will arrive in America on February 20, while its debut in Europe will be 2 days later.

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