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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Beginner’s Tips and Survival Guide

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out now on all platforms and it is already become one of the most impressive open world action adventure games. This game offers you impressive levels and lots of side mission. But also the game gets harder as you keep on clearing up new missions. This is a short guide that will show a variety of surviving tips in this game. And with that we will also add some more information that will help you to play Metal Gear Solid V like a pro.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Pics
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Pics

Tips to Survive in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Kit Upgrade – Choose upgrades whenever you need. This would be a kind of helpful option for you. Like Fulton Recovery system. This is one of the essential aspects of the game. It will help you to carry many things in the game. By upgrading it you will carry more heavy stuffs so that you can access them whenever needed. This includes vehicles, weapons, containers, etc. This must be on top priority. With this you can also upgrade pistols with Tranquilizers, so that in some missions you can take down an enemy silently without making much noise. INT-Scope is the only vision in-game and by upgrading this you get more detailed information on the enemies.

Stealth Kill –

Staying hidden is one of the biggest points that will keep you to survive for longer period of time. You have to understand and expertise this, so that you are not seen and spotted by an alert. Whenever you reach near any enemies then walk slowly. There are chances that enemies might be watching you. The game does not have any kind of meter that shows your visibility. In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain you can take down enemies silently without putting them on sleep or after putting them on sleep depending on the situation. This is called as stealth kill. You just have to go near to the enemy and you will see the key indicator on the screen. Like for console it is square button through which you can snap on the neck and bring them down. Or you can also use guns.

Army –

Building an army is a quite necessary and an important task in the game. It usually keeps you stronger in variety of levels. Also when you are approaching an enemy it is necessary for you to just not jump in. You must checkout all the available options and try to hide as much possible. So that you do not raise alert and this also puts your team in trouble.

Gears –

The Phantom Pain offers a variety of accessories that can be used in the game in different situations. So the first thing you have to do is load the menu and check out what all things are provided to you and at the time of battle you are not really confused what to use. Before commencing a mission you get 4 choices. Select Equipment, Select Buddy, Select Vehicle and Select Character. You can choose this properly before starting up. Weapons can be changed through Dpad.

  1. In a direct fight keep 2 primary weapons and 2 secondary weapons.
  2. Add some gadgets for boost.
  3. Understand the difference between non lethal and lethal explosive. Like ZZZ is for Sleep effect marked with blue icon and lethal explosive is marked with red icon.
  4. In case of stealth attack, you can try to use a suppressor to block the sound of gunshot that does not alert anyone. Once you add this then you have to reach near to the enemy to shoot at it to reduce the bullet range.
  5. You can use cardboard boxes as a hiding place if you are seen or in middle of something. Try to keep a close watch on the map for hiding spot.

Co-Operative Match –

Trust your buddy. It is one of the best support tools you have that does not occupy your slots. It is a separate character that will be with you and you can use them in various attacks. You can use Horse, Dog, Quite and Walker. With this there are also some specialized vehicles that can be used in the mission. At a time you can choose a single buddy only. The list of buddies is locked and new will unlock as you keep on progressing to new missions. Try to learn the qualities and skills of Buddy. For example, the Dog can be used to sniff enemies to alert you. It is best to use when you are in a field and enemies are hidden.

Target –

Before moving ahead try to use the INT-Scope as much as possible, so that you have a fair understanding of the environment around you. It is very useful in the game. You can zoom in maximum to check out the location of enemies and then you can take them down one by one with a strategy.

Planning –

When you are in a mission then try to set a plan before moving ahead. Use the binoculars to check all the corners of the region and spot things. Like radar, dishes, generator, buildings, etc. This would help you at some point to locate yourself as well you can also mark your path through this. This can make your mission slow but it is very effective when you are in tough condition. By destroying communication towers, generators, etc; you can get some more time. To set a pickup point you have to destroy a radar so that the helicopter can’t locate you easily. By destroying power it is easier for you to hide. Try not to use much explosive so that you won’t alert anyone.


The game offers you a feature where you can call for a support. This feature is provided in every mission. But to use this you have to avoid using buddy. If you have a buddy then you cannot use the support feature. It is very helpful and something it is life saver. You need GMP for that. If you don’t have GMP then you cannot call for the support. You can get ammo, items and many things through the same. In case you are done using all your accessories, so you can instantly recharge yourself and move ahead in the fight. There is also a Helicopter support available. In case you are stuck at some top sight then you can call the same and it will pick you to the mother base. You just have to find a location for pickup and wait there. There is also a Fire support that you can use, but you need high amount of GMP for this.

Side Missions –

Try to play side mission whenever you get a chance. This will help you to get some extra benefit in the game. Through side mission you can get extra upgrade in The Phantom Pain. Like you can learn languages, you can customize weapons, etc.