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Rumor: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Could Be Coming To PS4 (Update)

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Update: The development studio of Armature recently updated its website page dedicated to Metal Gear Solid HD Collection by adding PlayStation 4 at reference platforms. Apparently, however, it was just a typo.

Original: The future of the main series of Metal Gear is uncertain. While Konami is working on Metal Gear Survive, the fact is that fans are more interested in the series that stars Big Boss and Solid Snake. Well, without new games on the horizon of the series, it seems that the old generation games could make the leap to PlayStation 4.

According to a rumor on Reddit, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection could arrive on PlayStation 4. The user naninho205 realized that the Armature page, the developer that made the ports for PlayStation Vita, currently includes PS4 in the list of platforms in which they have developed the game.

Currently, Konami is working on Metal Gear Survive and Hideo Kojima, the father of the franchise, is busy in Death Stranding after leaving the development team. Therefore, it would not be strange that the Japanese studio is working to bring back the Metal Gear Solid collection. However, there is a great possibility that all this is an error. For now, we advise all fans to treat this information as a simple rumor and wait for Konami to reveal official information about it.

For now, we would like to tell you that Konami will carry out a second open beta of Metal Gear Survive. The game will debut on February 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tell us, would you like to play Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PlayStation 4? Or do you prefer Konami to work on a new title for the franchise? Obviously, the best of surprises would be that these games were a remake, rather than a simple port in high definition.