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Metal Gear Solid Becomes Untitled Goose Game in This Dreams Creation

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The YouTuber Bearly Regal, the Metal Gear Solid Remake in Dreams original creator, is now back with his work with a spin of Untitled Goose Game.

Dreams is a box of bottomless surprises. The creative title of Media Molecule exclusive to PlayStation 4, which is currently in its early access, encourages the creativity of users with its ingenious proposal. And when the community is given the necessary tools to create content, wonders arise like those we have seen before from FFVII, Crash Bandicoot or Death Stranding.

Or like the one in this news. An amazing recreation that combines the classic Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima with one of the current phenomena that continues to destroy PC and the Nintendo eShop: Untitled Goose Game. The game of the annoying duck of the House House studio, which is triumphing with its funny and joking proposal, becomes Metal Goose Solid thanks to YouTuber Bearly Regal, author of this nice work.

In its creation we see the already famous goose immersed in the first level of the title launched in 1998, infiltrating Shadow Moses with the aim of destroying the Metal Gear. And he does not miss any of the characteristic details of this classic level that is already a symbol of the history of Metal Gear, and also of video games in general.

Check the video below.

Untitled Goose Game is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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