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Metal Gear Online Beta for PC now available after getting temporarily disabled due to Microtransaction Exploit

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Konami had to temporarily stopped the Metal Gear Online beta on PC, because of some players who have found a way to win the game currency without paying a penny. The development team has clogged the concern and the game is back online.

Metal Gear Online Screenshot
Metal Gear Online Screenshot

Available from this week on PC via Steam download platform, the playable beta of Metal Gear Online has been brutally stopped a few hours ago by the publisher Konami.

Robert Peeler, community manager of publisher, has elaborated on the Steam forums, explaining that this action was taken due to an exploit performed by several players.

This exploit allowed to harvest MB Coins (the currency of the game) without the need for micro-payments. It was therefore a great boon for those allergic to microtransactions but Konami has finally brought a hotfix.

Consequently, a few hours after the break, Konami gave statement about its beta is working in order, allowing new players to go online to enjoy the game.