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Capcom Releases Mega Man X Legacy Collection Footage

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This year, Mega Man fans will receive the Mega Man X Legacy Collection compilation, which, as well as including the titles of the series, will give us a tour of the art design, the history of the franchise and all kinds of things related to the games that lived their golden age in the nineties. To feed the hype, Capcom gave us a first look at the first title, which will bring Mega Man X to Mega Man X4.

The Capcom TV team in Japan presented in its program a video of the first part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection, which focuses on the user interface and all the content that we will have available if we decide to take a break from the game session. The user interface of Mega Man X Legacy Collection presents sections devoted to each game, a section of options and one corresponding to a museum, where we will find the history of the series.

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection museum includes an art gallery with different designs and descriptions of the characters and enemies of the series and their evolution throughout the different titles. Also, the section includes a music player with the themes of each stage and the official name of each track. In addition, the museum includes a section dedicated to all products related to Mega Man X, such as action figures, toys, paraphernalia and collectible cards.

On the other hand, in terms of video, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection museum presents the trailers of each title and, as had been reported for weeks, the OVA The Day of Sigma, which serves as a prologue to start our adventure.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection will arrive on July 24 to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Below we leave you with the video capture of the original program that deals with the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.