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Rumor: Medievil Skeletal Collection Will Be Announced on October 31 with Gameplay Trailer

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According to a rumor spread on Reddit, Sony Interactive Entertainment is preparing to announce MediEvil Skeletal Collection for PlayStation 4: the reveal would apparently be scheduled for October 31, on Halloween day with a gameplay trailer.

After the recent announcement of news arriving within a week or two on MediEvil, the hype for the return of Sir Daniel Fortesque has suddenly skyrocketed. According to what emerged on Reddit, MediEvil Skeletal Collection will include the reissues of MediEvil and MediEvil 2 with various improvements compared to the original versions, classifying itself as a sort of Remastered Plus in the style of MediEvil Resurrection.

The trailer released on October 31 will also reveal the release date, apparently very close (we talk about a few months). If MediEvil Skeletal Collection sells well, Sony could give the green light to the production of MediEvil 3, again according to the source.

We just have to wait to learn more, at the time what is reported is the result of unconfirmed rumors, Sony Interactive Entertainment for its part recently reiterated that new information on MediEvil Remaster will arrive by the end of October, we look forward to finding out more information about it.

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