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Rumor: MediEvil Remaster Will Include MediEvil II, Pre-Order Available on April 19

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Sony closed PlayStation Experience 2017 with an announcement that excited many: Daniel Fortesque will be back thanks to MediEvil Remaster. The company did not give more details about the title, so the community still has doubts about this release for PlayStation 4.

Over time some details of MediEvil Remaster have started to emerge. According to some online stores, including Target and Walmart, the pre-orders of this remastered version would begin next month. To be exact, those interested could pre-order their copy from April 19.

The Twitter user Resurrect Fortesque has shared this information. In their publications, we see some images where customer service employees also indicated that MediEvil Remaster would not only include the first title of the series, as MediEvil II would also come in the package.

For the data obtained, Resurrect Fortes estimated that MediEvil Remaster could be revealed soon. Especially for the arrival of PAX East, an event that will be held from April 5 to 8.

Before you get too excited, take into account that the information is far from official. So, we recommend that you take it as it is: a rumor. We will have to wait for Sony to offer more details about this project because the only advance we have is a teaser trailer.

At the moment, we know that MediEvil Remaster will have 4K support on PlayStation 4 Pro. The title does not have a launch window yet, so we only have to wait to see a new trailer for the game.

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