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Medievil Remake Goes Gold

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Other Ocean, the developer of Medievil Remake, has confirmed that the development of the game has finished with an image of the gold or final version, that you can check in the Tweet below.

This remake, which improves the audiovisual section of the game and adapts it to modern times, pays tribute to the first video game while maintaining the gameplay of the original, which was an action-adventure.

In addition to the graphics improvements, the camera that follows the action has also been retouched and will feature a new storyteller (with the voice actress Lani Minella in the English version), and the team is working on adding many new Secrets and surprises to this classic title of PlayStation.

This remake will be a full version of the 1998 PlayStation classic title developed by SCE Cambridge Studio, which combines action and adventure with hack-and-slash mechanics. In the game, we embody Sir Daniel Fortesque, an undead knight who explores the medieval kingdom of Gallowmere to defeat the villain Zarok.

It was a title that reaped a great success for the first PlayStation (PSX) and even had a sequel with MediEvil 2 in 2000. The game already had a remastering in 2005 for PSP and since then we had not seen anything about it.

Recall that Medievil Remake will release on October 25 on PS4.

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