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Media Create: Monster Hunter World affected sales of Monster Hunter XX for Switch

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Last week, Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch debuted in Japan and, although Nintendo Switch is a success in the region, the Capcom game has not performed as expected. According to Media Create, which is responsible for investigating the video game market in Japan, the above is due to the announcement of Monster Hunter World.

Media Create notes that Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch only sold 84,277 copies in its first week, that is 48.95% of the initial shipment. To put things in perspective, the above is less than sales that got Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate in its first week (106,000 copies/69.82% of its first shipment to stores).

Also, sales of Monster Hunter XX for Switch were approximately 10% of Monster Hunter XX’s sales for 3DS (848,000 copies); while Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for Wii U were 20% of the initial sales of the portable version (522,000 copies).

While there are several factors that can be attributed to the low sales rate of Monster Hunter XX, Media Create believes that the main was the revelation of Monster Hunter World in E3 2017. That is, the firm believes that several players prefer to wait for the game to arrive in Japan as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 – in the West, it will also be available for Xbox One and PC – instead of investing in a new version of the title that debuted on Nintendo 3DS.

It will be interesting to review the sales that Monster Hunter XX has in the long term since Capcom revealed that it will be decisive to decide the type of support that it will give to Switch.

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“The Nintendo Switch has done very well and we expect its user base to continue to grow. Starting with the Monster Hunter XX version for Nintendo Switch in Japan, we will be evaluating how we will support the platform in the future,” the company said in a recent financial report.

Both versions of Monster Hunter XX are only available in Japan and for the moment there are no plans to bring them to North America or Europe.

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