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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault download available for free on Origin

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The download manager Origin now offers free download of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on PC. This will allow fans of the FPS to (re) discover this episode of 2004.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Screenshot

The Medal of Honor series has had its heyday several years ago with its first sections, before sinking into a real indifference as part of its last strands subtitled as Warfighter. To give a boost to the franchise, Electronic Arts offers us to download one of the FPS series on our PC.

This is Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault which is now available for free download on Origin. Released in 2004, this episode did not please everyone, especially because of some varied gameplay and a disappointing artificial intelligence. The FPS was developed by EA Los Angeles (studio closed its doors in 2013) and was liked by few players for their epic moments in Pearl Harbor and Tarawa.

Anyway, the title is currently available for download on the Origin platform at this address. The duration of the offer have not been communicated by the publisher, but one should be quick to get the game as soon as possible.

On the house is a program in which Electronic Arts gives away games from its catalog through its digital distribution platform. Through this initiative, several players have been enjoying classics like Ultima VIII: Pagan, Theme Hospital and Dead Space.

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