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Mateusz Kieliszkowski Quits World’s Strongest Man 2020 Due to Injuries

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World’s strongest Man tournament 2020 sees another contestant withdrawing from the competition. Mateusz Kieliszkowski who won the contest in 2019, removed his name from the championship in Florida. He has a tricep injury. Kieliszkowski announced the news on November 1 on Instagram.
He said that he would not compete this year. The Strongest Man winner of 2019 has been facing issues in his triceps since his last operation. The weight lifter planned to go for the treatment after this tournament. But unfortunately, his injuries are not allowing him to compete even now. He was consuming pain killers all along and almost had removed his pain. Mateusz feels that this year is unlucky. He has had health hazards for quite some time but continued performing in different competitions.


Kieliszkowski regrets missing World’s Strongest Man contest, wishes other contenders good luck

Kieliszkowski is regretful about his withdrawal from the World’s Strongest Man 2020. He extended his support for other competitors in the competition; it shows how confident he is about himself.

He said that he felt giving his first position to someone as a gift. But his spirit is intact and promises to get back next year in the competition. He apologized to his trainers and staff for getting him ready but couldn’t see him perform. Kieliszkowski wishes best for @jfcaronstrongman for the competition.

World’s Strongest Man 2020’s favourite was Mateusz Kieliszkowski for this year

Kieliszkowski was a favourite for this competition. He finished second at Martins Licis in 2019 and also second at Arnold Strongman Classic 2020 to 

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Hafthor Bjornsson who got the title. His rank is 2nd on World’s Strongest Man ranking. He got the runner up position after Licis in 2019. Licis too in the process of recovering from health issues. He will also be absent from the contest. He didn’t participate in 2018 when Bjornsson took the title. Bjornsson has taken retirement this year.

Brian Shaw on his way to winning his fifth title of World’s Strongest Man

According to experts, Brian Shaw is now this year’s favourite for World’s strongest Man tournament. He has won this title 4 times roll now. If he wins this time, then he will have an equal number of trophies as of Mariusz Pudzianowski. He is the only person to win the title five times.