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Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews embargo will go live at a revised time

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The insider Shinobi602 revealed that the embargo deadline for reviews of Mass Effect Andromeda: according to reports, the first opinions on the new Action RPG from BioWare may be published at 3 A.M. Eastern on Monday, March 20.

Over the weekend, BioWare has released the launch trailer of the game and showed 52 minutes of gameplay during PAX East in Boston.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available from March 21 in North America and 23 from the same month in Europe, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Subscribers of EA Access will experience the first two campaign missions and multiplayer segment as of March 16.

In recent news, a lot of confusion among players caused a disclosure last Friday that the recommended system requirements for Mass Effect: Andromeda is designed for 1080p, but only at 30 frames per second. Now BioWare has cleared the situation.

The Producer Michael Gamble said during a conversation with the website PC Gamer at a party of PAX East this weekend that 30 FPS is the absolute minimum for the specified configuration recommended.

“It depends on your machine,” stated Gamble. “And it’s really hard to benchmark individual machines. We’re just saying that that’s the bare minimum that it’ll run at. It’ll probably run at higher than that for most of the game, it’s just really hard to be specific about it. We just want to do the minimum and we want to do the recommended. The recommended, at least on my machine at home, I have a 1060, I run at higher than 30 [fps] for the majority of the game. But it’s hard to actually to say, ‘This is the specs, and this is exactly what you’ll run at.'”