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Mass Effect Andromeda PC version with Denuvo cracked in ten days

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According to various reports on the internet, the protection system of Mass Effect Andromeda has been violated in recent hours. The Denuvo DRM added by Electronic Arts in its latest title to prevent the piracy risk has resisted for ten days before being hacked by a group not yet identified.

Electronic Arts is working hard to protect their PC games from piracy. To do this, they have used a good combination of their platform, Origin, and Denuvo DRM so that no one can get and play a free copy (and obviously illegal) of its shares. But apparently even these careful precautions have been cracked open by a hacker group.

Mass Effect Andromeda was published in the last month on March 23 and it integrates the protection system of Denuvo, used for many games to avoid the danger of piracy. Unfortunately it just took ten days for the crackers to circumvent this technology.

Mass Effect Andromeda is not, however, the only game protected by Denuvo to be infringing as quickly as possible, this unenviable distinction belongs to Resident Evil VII Biohazard, pirated after just five days of its launch.

It is not clear whether Electronic Arts will take countermeasures about it or remove the Denuvo protection altogether from Mass Effect Andromeda, we will wait for any updates from the publisher.

Given the situation we do not know if EA will remove Denuvo with a future patch, as well as other publishers have done in the past.

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