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Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC will not have frame-rate locked to 30fps

As you know, Mass Effect: Andromeda is the cover of the game in December issue of Game Informer USA: on the magazine pages there is also an interview with the creative director Mac Walters, who has revealed some details on the framerate of the PC version.

This is definitely the week of Mass Effect Andromeda. In recent days it was revealed an avalanche of information, including those relating to the plot and the characters, the voice actors, the trailer and the Collector’s Edition.

But we had little information regarding the technical aspects of the different versions, with a focus mainly on the imminent PS4 Pro, which should support higher resolution than the standard console, but it is unclear what will be chosen.

In an interview with Gameinformer, however, the creative director of the game, Mac Walters, confirmed indirectly that the PC version will have an unlocked frame rate. In the video interview, which covers several topics, Walters clearly says “some platforms other than the PC, will have a frame rate locked at 30fps.”

Specifically, Walters has announced that the PC version will not have the locked framerate to 30 fps while apparently the framerate of the PlayStation 4 Pro version would have not yet been decided, because the team is trying to optimize other aspects of the game before to deal with this aspect.

Recall that Mass Effect Andromeda is expected by the spring of 2017, the release date has not yet been announced but according to some rumors the launch is scheduled for March 21.

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