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Mass Effect Andromeda new screenshots revealed

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The insider shinobi602 has published today via his Twitter profile a series of new screenshots taken on the highly anticipated title of Mass Effect Andromeda. The images show in particular some of the characters of the game’s cast and its atmosphere.

BioWare has released a new gallery of images of Mass Effect: Andromeda. In the shots both Alec Sarah Ryder, a Krogan but also a new character belonging to Asari race appear again. Earlier this week BioWare claimed to have drawn inspiration from The Witcher 3 for the creation of secondary missions that will be available in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Dragon Age: Inquisition served as a lesson to Bioware; the software company is not going to repeat the same mistakes with Mass Effect Andromeda. This is what Fabrice Condominas of Bioware said in an interview, who also added that the development team has learned a lot from The Witcher on how to structure the side quests.

One of the greatest strengths of The Witcher 3 is to revolutionizing the open world genre with the inclusion of side quests of greater depth. The label of side quests is even reductive in The Witcher 3, because the quality is comparable to that of the main quest.

On the contrary, one of the most criticized aspects of Dragon Age: Inquisition is the repetitiveness of the side quests but apparently this error will be corrected in the new chapter of the sci-fi RPG series.

In any case, you can see in action some of the characters who will accompany us in the adventure-between Asari, Salarian, Krogan and, of course, humans.

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You can find the screenshots of the title of Bioware in the two original tweets of shinobi602, that can be found at the bottom of the news. Leaving you with the vision, remember that Mass Effect Andromeda will be available in stores starting from next month of March 21, in formats for PS4, Xbox One and PC.