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Mass Effect Andromeda lead writer confirms leaving BioWare to join Bungie


Christopher Schlerf, writer of the highly anticipated game called Mass Effect Andromeda, announced his departure from Bioware studio to join the development studio of Bungie, which is working on its Destiny license.

Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshot

After a first trilogy whose end has disappointed some fans, Mass Effect will soon benefit from a new episode called Mass Effect: Andromeda. The title is currently in development in local and Bioware should logically release the title in March 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

However, the team tends to thin in recent months. Indeed, the development manager, Chris Wynn, left Bioware last December and that, in view of joining the Daybreak studio.

Now it is the turn of Christopher Schlerf who left the development studio. This is the writer of Mass Effect: Andromeda who had previously worked on the story of Halo 4. He announced his departure from Bioware Montreal via his Twitter account, explaining that it is one of the best experiences of his career.

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After specifying looking forward to test the final game, Schlerf said he joined the studio Bungie, which is preparing the next Destiny series.

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