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Mass Effect Andromeda funniest animation glitches in video and gif emerges

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On the web now emerges from Twitter and YouTube video and GIF that shows some animations glitches of Mass Effect Andromeda, particularly with regard to the character models and lips of the same during the dialogues.

Mass Effect Andromeda, the new action RPG title of BioWare, will be released on March 21, 2017 on Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One and Windows PC. Now on the web, several GIF highlighting the “lips” began to circulate in the process of quality control of the game. What we are referring to? For unconvincing animation, facial animation to “chewy” and other assorted mistakes.

It deals with small glitches and technical imperfections that do not affect the gaming experience and probably will be corrected with the day-one patch or one of the subsequent updates. Nothing serious in conclusion and luckily the game does not seem to suffer from bugs or technical problems that much severe.

An action role-playing game can have problems like this in the launch phase, and we hope that it will be resolved with future updates.