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Mass Effect Andromeda easter egg devoted to Batman discovered

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A user of Reddit (known as Mazorr) has discovered a curious easter egg in Mass Effect Andromeda dedicated to Batman, and more precisely The Dark Knight Rises which is the third film in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

After having shown some interesting statements from the chief animator of Mass Effect 2 related to the problems of animations of Mass Effect: Andromeda, we return to talk about the title of BioWare with a curious news.

In fact, according to some reports, the Reddit user Mazorr discovered a cute easter egg dedicated to the Dark Knight while he was exploring the desert of Elaaden planet. Visible in the image above, you can clearly see that the edges of the jagged peaks of the canyon, forming the Batman logo, that looks very similar to what we saw in the poster of the film The Dark Knight Rises.

While he was intent on exploring the planet Elaaden, the player has looked up to the sky, finding he was in a rocky gorge whose edges closely resemble the logo used in the movie poster. You can see the image above, we leave you to judge the similarity between the setting offered by BioWare and the poster of The Dark Knight Rises.

A nice and original way to pay homage to one of the most popular and beloved films of recent years.