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Mass Effect: Andromeda director Chris Wynn leaves BioWare, returning to USA

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Still quite mysterious, the next installment of Mass Effect series is affected by bad news: the departure of Chris Wynn, director of development of the game. It remains to be seen whether this action will have a strong impact on the smooth running of the design of the game or not.

Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshot
Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshot

Currently in development within the premises of Bioware, Mass Effect: Andromeda stands as the fourth episode of the series particularly popular with science fiction fans and other space opera.

If the details on this new adventure are still quite vague, we learn that the team loses weight of its director of development, Chris Wynn. The latter announced his departure from Bioware studio via his Twitter account, but has not emphasized the reasons for this choice.

For now, no details were disclosed about the replacement of Wynn in Bioware, or even if this departure will affect the good continuity of development. For now, Mass Effect Andromeda is due for release late 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.