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Mass Effect Andromeda developers discarded the idea of ​​procedural planets

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During an interview published on the website Finder, the producer of Mass Effect Fabrice Condominas has unveiled new details on the development of Mass Effect Andromeda, confessing that Bioware had thought of a procedural system for the generation of planets. But the team chose quality over quantity.

In a recent interview, the Mass Effect: Andromeda producer has unveiled the initial intention of BioWare to create planets with a procedural system.

“Yes, obviously we are looking at what else is happening in the industry overall. In the specific case of No Man’s Sky, at the time it was released, we were already deep in development.”

“But we noticed that it was very focused on procedural worlds and we tried that, actually, over a year. Our conclusion at the time was that it wasn’t for us in the sense that it wasn’t for the type of game we were doing. Because all the content we build we try and make to a high quality, but when we tried procedurally generated content we never reached the level of quality we wanted.”

“That idea certainly crossed our minds and yes we tried those things, but in the end we went with quality over quantity. The game is already huge, so I don’t think people will feel lost on things to do.”

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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