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Mass Effect Andromeda: Details on Day One Patch, New Game+, Size and more

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Mass Effect: Andromeda officially came into being Gold in the day of yesterday, but this does not mean that BioWare has finished work on the new chapter of the RPG saga, because, as stated by the lead designer Ian S. Frazier, a large part of the development team is currently working on day-one patch for the title.

The update should be available five days before the global release of the game in favor of the players subscriptions to EA/Origin Access who will have the chance to try the game in advance. Ian S. Frazier also said that the day one patch should be included in the pre-load of the game. These are the plans of BioWare; the producer Michael Gamble can not guarantee with absolute certainty that it will be respected.

We also learn that the size of the title on console will be between 45GB and 60GB, while on PC the size amounts to 55GB. Just on a personal computer, it was confirmed that there will be multiple graphics settings of the previous chapters in the series.

Discussing on Twitter, also, BioWare revealed that profile/favorite system will be the same on consoles and PC, but if you play with a mouse and keyboard you can assign four types of choices in the hotkey.

It has been also confirmed the presence of the New Game+ that will activated after the first playthrough, and was assured that there will be more casual outfits available on the Tempest than it is already offered by the pre-oder bonus and than has been shown with the trailer. As for the multiplayer, it was confirmed that it will be based on peer-to-peer.

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The ability of Warp will not make its return to Andromeda: BioWare wanted to avoid an overlap of skills; the team wants every element to possess unique features within the game.

The members of the team that will accompany us in battle automatically will use their skills. The player can issue general orders, but it will be up to the AI to ​​make specific decisions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 23 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.