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Mass Effect Andromeda Crash at startup fix, Lag and Framerate dropping solution, etc

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The PC version of Mass Effect Andromeda (now available in trial for subscribers of Origin Access) is plagued with technical problems, including sudden crash at startup, lag and framerate stability problems, etc. We have produced a guide that will help you to solve the main errors found in the PC version of the game of BioWare.

Mass Effect Andromeda Lag and framerate dropping:

First of all, you should make sure to comply with the minimum requirements for the game, which mention a CPU of Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD FX-6350, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon 7850 with 2GB of video memory, 8 GB of RAM and 55 GB of disk space for installation. The recommended requirements instead include an Intel Core i7-4790 processor or AMD FX-8350, NVIDIA GeForce 1060 GTX graphics card with 3GB or AMD RX 480 with 4GB of video memory and 16 GB of RAM. If your PC fits squarely within these requirements but the performance in-game do not meet your expectations, go into the Control Panel of your NVIDIA video card and, in the “Power Management” mode in the menu go to “Manage 3D settings”, select “prefer maximum performance”.

Mass Effect Andromeda Crash at startup:
If you experience crashes and sudden stops when starting Mass Effect Andromeda, you may need to install the latest drivers for your system. In fact, these errors are often caused by outdated drivers that make it almost impossible to play the title. To facilitate the search and for installing the new drivers you can use the software of DriverScanner, and it will search and update the drivers in your computer.

Mass Effect Andromeda Black screen at startup:
If you experience a black screen when starting the game, make sure you have correctly installed the Corsair Utility Engine. Alternatively, try to uninstall and reinstall Mass Effect Andromeda. If the problem persists, you could try to switch to Windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter on your keyboard.

Mass Effect Andromeda does not start but appears in the process of Task Manager:
If the game does not start but the system indicates the execution of the corresponding process in Task Manager, the problem may be related to your antivirus or, alternatively, to the firewall. These may in fact be contrary to ActivationUI.exe in the task manager process when the game starts. To work around this problem, you must add ActivationUI.exe in the exceptions to the antivirus or firewall. The default path for the file is C: Program Files (x86) Origin Games Mass Effect Andromedacore ActivationUI.exe .

Mass Effect Andromeda Connection Problems:
If you experience connection problems or, more generally, the Mass Effect Andromeda game gives error 10044, 5800, 5801, 5802, 5803 or 9001, first try to restart your router. Also make sure you have an open NAT, and disable any VPN and Proxy. If problems persist, go into your router’s control panel and open the ports listed: TCP: 443, 17503, 17504, 10000-19999, 42210, 42130, 42230. UDP: 3659, 10000-19999. In this way, you should definitely fix it.

Ryder crashes during an animation and does not respond to commands:
If Ryder crashes during the game, you could try to switch from navigation to combat and vice versa. Alternatively, try to jump up and open your scanner and then close it after a few seconds. If this does not work, save your progress and restart the game.