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Mass Effect Andromeda bug makes it impossible to finish the game 100%

According to some recent reports, Mass Effect Andromeda would be plagued by a bug in a quest that requires you to strengthen the shields of the Nomad. This problem actually prevents to complete the game 100%, at least according to some testimonies that emerged on Twitter.

During the mission in question we’ll have to go looking for certain materials to enhance the vehicle’s shields, if the items in question are already in our inventory, the quest will stop and it will therefore not be possible to finish the game 100%.

The glitch could be corrected with a future patch, on April 4 BioWare will reveal more details about the updates and the post launch content that is in arrival for Mass Effect Andromeda.

The study has analyzed the feedback received from the community and soon there will be important news about it. BioWare would like to thank all the players and ensures that next week it will unveil plans for support on this occasion and we will probably know more about the contents of the next updates and DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Remember that Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game debuted at the top spot of the British software ranking, having some success in the UK, in spite of not always positive reviews.

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