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Mass Effect: Andromeda animation improvements not coming on day one

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is making headlines these last few hours not precisely due to its imminent launch, but by the controversy that is raised by the system of animation applied to the human characters and that is resulting into funny memes and gifs on the social networks.

Next week Mass Effect: Andromeda finally will be available in the market for everyone and, as you know, although from the professional sector many are still not allowed to give certain details, the game is available through Early Access. This has caused one thing: that internet is full of memes and gifs about the animations for this title. It’s something that worries the players right now, but BioWare is not going to fix it in the short time period.

BioWare is already aware of the debate raised on the net and have warned that the space adventure game will not have changes in their animations with an update at launch. It has been confirmed by the chief designer Ian Frazier.

The BioWare spokesperson has confirmed that the release of the patch is already included in the version available since yesterday in Origin Access and EA Access (PC and Xbox One). He has also noted that more patches will be released in the future, but he has not detailed whether they will affect the animations.

For now, the players of Mass Effect: Andromeda are going to have to deal with these abrupt animations for a temporary time unspecified.