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Masahiro Ito Interested In Making A New Silent Hill Game

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It is likely that while Resident Evil fans were amazed at the Resident Evil 2 Remake, the loyal players of Silent Hill saw the event with some disappointment, because the reality is that the franchise has been at rest by Konami’s mandate and there is still no information on any titles of the franchise. However, there are times when everything can start with a simple statement and Masahiro Ito acknowledged that he would like to bring the game back.

Through a post on his official Twitter account, Mashiro Ito, a creative who was part of Team Silent Hill during the golden era of the franchise that ranged from Silent Hill to Silent Hill 4: The Room, responded to fans’ requests for a remake of Silent Hill, specifically one of the first 3 titles. According to the words of Masahiro Ito, although he acknowledges the interest there is because something like this happens, he is not interested in doing a remake, in fact, he said that doing something like that would require 3 years of work and considered that doing the job again for the same game would be boring and a waste of time.

However, his perspective is different in terms of the possibility of making a new title, because that is a topic of interest to him, but he made it clear that he cannot do anything because he has no right over the title as an intellectual property, even in what corresponds to characters created by him, such as Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse.

So, this statement may be lost in time or it may be the beginning of something because Silent Hill has a good community of players and enthusiasts who hope that, at some point, the franchise will be back and can approach the close-ups.