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Will We Not See Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 because of the Fight between Sony and Disney?

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Spider-Man fans are holding their breath these days because of the fight between Sony and Disney that seems to end with the departure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe character. Both companies do not agree on an economic level and everything indicates that the next film of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will only be in charge of Sony Pictures.

A real drama after having celebrated the return in “Spider-Man: Far from Home” and having enjoyed in recent years some of the best superhero movies. But there is a second fear that amazes fans with this discussion and that has to do with the world of video games. Can this discussion affect a hypothetical Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

The title of Insomniac Games, which will soon turn one year old, is for many one of the best superhero games ever created and the best adaptation of Spider-Man to video games from the mythical Spider-Man 2 of PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube. Although there is nothing confirmed, the great reception that the work had on the part of critics and public has led the whole world to think that we will have a sequel in the not too distant future. A future that now seems diffuse and that many fear evaporates due to the rupture between Sony and Disney.

Is this possible? Was the game not exclusive to PlayStation 4 and therefore Sony? How does that fight affect you? More than one will be asking these questions … and rightly so. The first thing that should be clear is that the rights of the character to make films are in the hands of Sony and all others (series, video games, merchandising …) in those of Marvel, which belongs to Disney.

On the one hand, it is worth remembering that Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the most successful games of the generation. Even having left in September of last year, the title already has more than thirteen million units sold behind it, placing in record time in sixth place in the list of the best-selling games on PlayStation 4. In addition, the great reception it received from the critics (with an 87 average score in Metacritic) made it the first video game based on a Marvel superhero that had the company’s famous flipbook in the start credits. Marvel wanted to grant it as a guarantee and seal of quality. In other words, we are talking about a video game that was around business for both Disney and Sony, in terms of image and benefits.

To all this we should add that most likely, by accepting the first game, Insomniac will close a contract that would allow it to make several more titles, as is usual in the industry, and even more important is the fact that Disney and Marvel are two companies of gigantic dimensions in which their divisions can almost operate as different worlds. A good example of this is the final statements that we bring you below. In the midst of the storm these days, in the eye of the hurricane, Marvel Games has congratulated Insomniac Games for becoming Sony’s new first-party studio (that is, exclusive). A message that records the good relationship between Marvel and the developer, which demonstrates how video games seem to live apart from all the tensions that exist right now with the Spider-Man movies.