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Marvel’s Avengers Gets A-Day Prologue Gameplay Trailer of 18 Minutes


Square Enix promised that in gamescom 2019 it would release new videos from its most anticipated projects. Of course, one of them is Marvel’s Avengers, whose presence at the European event was previously confirmed.

The company kept its word, as it has just released the first gameplay of the superhero title. Fans waiting for the game may be more than satisfied, as it is an 18-minute gameplay trailer full of action.

In it we can finally see Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor in combat. They all face the Taskmaster minions in one of the initial levels of the game, which works as a tutorial. The interesting thing is to see some of the abilities of the superheroes and some scenes with details of the story.

Square Enix reminded fans that a playable demo of Marvel’s Avengers is available on gamescom 2019. The A-Day trial version includes the content shown in the gameplay. Before any further ado, we leave with the trailer below:

Your adventure in Marvel’s Avengers will begin when the superhero group is in the middle of an important celebration. However, a catastrophic accident causes devastating damage in San Francisco. It is then that the characters separate for a while, but several years later they meet to fight again together.

Vincent Napoli and Shaun Escayg, Crystal Dynamics creatives working on the project, have long revealed that the campaign of the title can only be played alone. There will be a multiplayer option, but it will only be used for secondary missions for now.

Marvel’s Avengers will release on May 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google STADIA.