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Here’s How To Avoid Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Save Data Bug

There is important information for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite players since Capcom discovered a new bug that could eliminate the save data of the game, forcing users to start from the beginning.

To be more clear, Capcom pointed out on its blog that this problem affects Xbox One users who have the physical version of the game. The bug is serious, although it affects a small number of players since it only occurs in very precise circumstances. In addition, it is possible to avoid it.

“The only situation where you will encounter this bug is if you have updated the game and have save data from the latest update, but later uninstall the game then reinstall from disc and attempt to use the save data without having applied the update. The updated save data and older game will be recognized as not compatible and the game may prompt you to create new save data as it may read the existing data as corrupt. Please do not create new save data as it will overwrite your previous save. Instead, please make sure you exit out and apply the latest update before you play the game,” Capcom wrote on its blog.

This action will cause the updated save data not to be compatible with the previous version of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Therefore, the system asks to start a new game, deleting the previous information. According to the company, this happens because the game identifies existing data as corrupt.

The best way to avoid this error is to not create new save data, exit the game and update it. “This will then ensure your save data stays intact and will work properly,” the company said. “Again, you will only lose your save data if you choose to accept the option to create a new save in this scenario, which would overwrite your prior data.”

Capcom mentioned that, due to the nature of this error, there is no current solution available, but following the steps above should be enough to avoid problems. This problem is only present on Xbox One, so PlayStation 4 users do not have to worry.

In related information, we want to tell you that the new characters of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is now available. From December 5 you have the opportunity to play with Venom, Black Widows and Winter Soldier.

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