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Marvel Heroes Omega Shuts Down Early, Gazillion Entertainment Closes Its Doors


According to reports, the closing of Marvel Heroes Omega servers was imminent. Gazillion Entertainment reported that the service would end until December 31; however, shortly afterward they clarified that the servers would be shut down almost a month before. Of course, this was a serious blow to the studio, where some layoffs were reported last week.

Unfortunately, things have gone further, as Gazillion Entertainment confirmed its closing of doors. According to the reports, the company received notification of Marvel’s license loss on October 23. There was no information about the MMO title of superheroes, so it was estimated that there were some problems.

From the Twitter account of Marvel Heroes Omega, the company shared a message of farewell and thanks to all those who gave their support for years. They also emphasized that the game will not work anymore on all platforms.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of Gazillion Entertainment. As a result, we are no longer able to operate Marvel Heroes Omega until December 31 as originally planned. Instead, Marvel Heroes Omega will be sunset immediately on all platforms and will no longer be available as soon as this process is completed. The company would like to sincerely thank its fans and employees for all the support over years of development and live service.”

It’s definitely bad news for the industry in general and for Marvel fans. On the other hand, some reports assure that the employees were dismissed without receiving, for the time being, the necessary compensations. For this reason, there is a possibility that more news related to the closure of the company may arise. In addition, a more extensive statement is expected to explain the reasons for this event.

At the end of the servers, the console players demanded reimbursements for Marvel Heroes Omega. So far, the situation has not been updated, but apparently, there will be no general refund.

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