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Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch 1.60 download available now

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Marvel Heroes 2015 was released in the month of June for Windows platform. It is an action RPG game that just recently got a new patch. The patch version is 1.60. This new patch is going to offer more improvements and better gameplay output.

The patch logs is provided below which is officially updated on At the start of the patch you can see there is almost lot of fixes. This fixes essentially make the game perform much better than before. For example the patch is going to resolve issues with achievement progress. It was not updating well due which players can’t see the achievement progress in the achievement panel of the game. There are also some internal game content fix, one which is associated with gameplay, a few game characters and game objectives. That you can clearly see in the patch notes below. At some extent it is essential to add this patch so that you enjoy more stable gaming output. Another highlight of Marvel Heroes 2015 Patch 1.60 is that it is going to add more tuning to the game. For example characters like Thor will get more power in the damage. Checkout the whole Patch 1.60 notes of Marvel Heroes 2015 on the official forum here and some of it below:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Achievement progress not updating in the Achievements panel while logged into the game.
  • Fixed an issue with how self-damaging effects (such as Psionic Overload or Ziggurat of Kargul) were being calculated. These effects will no longer scale with or be affected by any other stats than Health.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr’s Spirit recovery on enemy defeat from functioning.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Moonstone Shard from regenerating certain resource types other than Spirit.
  • Fixed an issue with Rogue’s stolen Juggernaut power causing her model to scale up on activation.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent clicking on some elements in the Cinematics Panel on the Login screen after changing resolution or Fullscreen/Windowed mode.
  • Hyde’s leap attack will no longer redirect during the jump portion.
  • Fixed tooltip displaying an incorrect orb healing reduction % on Omega node Alien Symbiote in Human Augmentation.
  • Fixed Thing’s Guess What Time It Is? Failing to stop movement on activation (Ben occasionally enjoys figure skating in Rockefeller Center, but it makes less sense when he’s standing on pavement).
  • Fixed an issue with Ultimate power tooltips displaying “next rank” information when viewed from the hotbar.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed use of Pom-Poms outside of hub areas.
  • Fixed various text errors in G.L.F. mission descriptions.