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Marvel Avengers: What are the Features and Limitations of the Game?

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Marvel Avengers is going well and will extend the gaming universe of Marvel next year. According to fans, some important things are missing from the game. There are some features of the game that change the structure of the Marvel Gaming Universe.

Features of the game


 Marvel game will provide major improvements in terms of microtransactions. With the help of these players can buy skins and other elements of superheroes.

Offline Play
Offline play is the best thing in marvel avengers just like other games. But with offline mode some features are disabled.

Limitation of Games

HawkEye Missing

The appearance of avengers characters beside HawkEye is a huge mistake of the developers. HAwkEye is an important character and absence of this one make the fans angry.

Character Rights

One of the major disappointing things of the game is that characters are not licensed such as Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Natasha Romanoff, Mark Ruffalo will not be a part of the game.

It is a bad movie of the developers and also has a bad impact on the game. Therefore fans want to see them united in-game or movie.


the storyline is not clear yet; however, it is expected that Captian America will not be a part of the game. First HawkEye was omitted, and now the Captain America death will be sad news for all the fans.

Well, the story will be full of twists. The game success all depends on the gameplay, and we are sure the Avengers brand could save the game.

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