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Rumor: Mark Cerny Is Already Talking About PS5 With Various Developers


A lot has been said about PlayStation 5 (PS5) in recent weeks; however, most of the information has not been confirmed by Sony. The list of rumors about the company’s next console continues to rise, as a new report states that Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 4 architect, is already discussing the capabilities of Sony’s next-gen console.

According to Eurogamer, Cerny is currently speaking with various developers and distributors, who would potentially be willing to create titles for a hypothetical PS5.

The report does not include a list of potential developers interested in the new console. However, it is estimated that these are the studios with the greatest scope in the current industry. On the other hand, everything indicates that the planning for PlayStation 5 is already in process; however, the details of the hardware are still unknown.

“What we do know is that Mark Cerny has once again been hitting the road, talking to developers about their needs for the next-gen PlayStation,” says part of the report.

The media clarifies that 2019 could be the earliest date to see a “generational leap”, but that several factors, such as production costs, could further delay the date to see new hardware by Sony.

Some rumors even suggest that some creatives already have PlayStation 5 development kits. On the other hand, supposed technical data of the console arose; however, one report stated that the information was false and that we probably will not see the system before 2020.

For now, there is nothing confirmed, but there is a possibility that Cerny is already analyzing with various creatives the capabilities of the next-gen console.

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