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Mark Cerny takes a dig at Xbox One Scorpio, says 8 teraflop is the minimum for the native 4K

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As repeatedly pointed out by Sony and system architects, Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4 Pro will fail to propose always the 4K native but will have to exploit different techniques presented in a recent meeting with Digital Foundry.


The battle between Microsoft and Sony continues, on the true native 4K. Mark Cerny continues to talk about the technical characteristics of PS4 Pro, including among the main objectives of the desire to make life easier for developers: the support to the new console should only take a little effort.

Cerny is back to talk about the PlayStation 4 Pro and the power to propose the native 4K during an interview with the Japanese website AV Watch, and summarized some of the highlights.

The system architect stressed that the will of Sony has always been to make the necessary work to support extremely limited PS4 Pro so that you go to talk about just 1% of extra work. At the same time Cerny wanted it clear that despite the extra power and significant improvements guaranteed by the platform, the new console will be only 19% bigger than the CUH-1200 PS4 released last year.

But how much power is required to always provide native 4K? Mark Cerny states that 8 teraflop is a minimum requirement but at the same time, for an outgoing platform later this year, there is not an accessible power while also keeping costs contained.

Given that Project Scorpio according to the only information that we have proposed of 6 teraflops will be able to ensure, in most of the cases, the native 4K and above all could be able to maintain a competitive price?

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