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Mark Cerny reveals new details about the design of PlayStation 4 Pro

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Mark Cerny , chief architect of PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 Pro, has offered new details to Digital Foundry on the design of the console, the GPU that is incorporated and challenges when planning the new machine that will arrive in November.


Cerny, in a meeting with some industry professionals and journalists, has revealed more details on the graphics capabilities of the enhanced GPU that incorporates the Pro model of PlayStation 4. According to Cerny, and with the data in hand, basically talking about a graphics card double powerful. This would help developers in terms of calculation when programming video games for the PlayStation 4 basic and then adapt comfortably their developments to the Pro version.

While the graphic itself has received substantial improvements, attendees noted that the CPU is basically the same, with slight improvements in speed. Cerny did not hesitate to tackle doubts: “For variable frame-rate games, we were looking to boost the frame-rate. But we also wanted interoperability. We want the 700 existing titles to work flawlessly ,” he says.

“That meant staying with eight Jaguar cores for the CPU and pushing the frequency as high as it would go on the new process technology, which turned out to be 2.1GHz. It’s about 30 per cent higher than the 1.6GHz in the existing model,” he explains. A few days ago, Cerny himself was talking about extra RAM included in the console.

PlayStation 4 Pro launches on November 10 with a price of 399 dollars.

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