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Mario Sports Superstars Tennis Mode Shown in New Trailer

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Today, Nintendo of the United Kingdom published in its official channel of YouTube a new trailer of the game Mario Sports Superstars, that will go on sale for 3DS on the 10 of March in Europe, Australia on March 11, North America on March 24, and Japan on March 30, 2017. This time, the trailer focuses on the clashes in the tennis mode.

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars dedicated to the sport of tennis: you can find it at the end of the news. Recall that the game will be released on family consoles of Nintendo 3DS on March 10th.

The video allows us to take a look at the sport of tennis included in Mario Sports Superstars, a game mode that requires timing and positional sense.

Previously, Nintendo has posted other trailers corresponding to sports that we can play in Mario Sports Superstars, such as baseball, golf, horse riding and soccer. In each of these sports, players will compete in a series of tournaments in single player mode or online multiplayer and local.

It is noteworthy that Mario Sports Superstars is developed by Camelot, who already have experience in Mario sports titles as they are responsible for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Mario Golf: World Tour.

Without elaborating more, we leave you with this new video of Mario Sports Superstars, so that you give us your opinion on the game and if its mechanics are to your liking.