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Mario was punching Yoshi in the head in Super Mario World

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When we had our first approach with a Super Nintendo and Super Mario World we met with a peculiar companion: Yoshi. The new character that Nintendo integrated into the universe of Super Mario Bros. was liked by fans and has remained in force after 2 decades.

However, there is a particular detail was in talks from some time, because there was always a doubt about a movement involving both characters. Today, we got an answer for it.

As many remember, when Mario rode Yoshi in Super Mario World you could see a movement in which the dinosaur is sticking out his tongue and swallowing items and enemies. The animation of the time showed the movement Mario made with arm and fist but the short distance between the end of the character and Yoshi’s head made us think he was getting hit by Mario.
This gave rise to that some assured that Mario hit Yoshi in the head causing that this one to take the tongue out; nevertheless, the manual of Super Mario World included an image in which Mario only indicated to Yoshi what it had to swallow. Based on this and thanks to the upcoming release of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo published an interview with Takashi Tezuka and Shigefumi Hino where everything was clear.

As part of the interview published by Nintendo in its official site Japan, Takashi Tezuka and Shigefumi Hino, developers who participated in Super Mario World revealed that the original game development contemplated that Mario was punching Yoshi so that it takes out his tongue.

According to Tezuka, Shigeru Miyamoto’s initial idea for the game was for Mario to have a horse to transport: “When we were making [Super Mario Bros. 3], he drew a picture of Mario riding a horse and had put it up on the wall next to where he sits. When I saw that, I thought, ‘I guess he wants Mario to ride something.’ So, when we were making Super Mario World, we had this ‘dinosaur land’ concept, and I had Hino draw reptile type art.”

Around this, Shigefumi Hino stated: “The keyword that I had was ‘horse,’ so I imagined something quite later and, for the time being, drew a large lizard type creature. It looked like a crocodile,” explained Tezuka, who felt like a reptile-looking creature might seem out of place in Mario. Tezuka drew a rough sketch of a cute character and on the basis of that, Hino created Yoshi. Lots of people think that while Mario is pointing his finger forward, he’s saying ‘Go,’ and Yoshi’s tongue comes out. However, the setup that I drew was that when Mario punches Yoshi in the head, the character’s tongue shoots out in surprise.”