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Rumor: Mario Party 11 Could Be Releasing on Nintendo Switch In 2019

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A new rumor emerges about Mario Party 11 which is being specially designed for the latest console of Nintendo, Switch.

A new episode of the popular Mario Party series could come out on Nintendo Switch in 2019, at least according to what was said by the insider Marcus Sellars, apparently quite informed about the details of the Kyoto house.

Mario Party 11 seems to be under development in the studio of ND Cube and the launch is scheduled for next year on the Nintendo Switch. No confirmation has arrived at the moment from the company, however, the last episode of the series, Mario Party The Top 100, was published last fall on Nintendo 3DS, receiving a warm reception from the public and critics.

Considering that although it is not surprising, it is indeed natural that a Mario Party is being prepared for Switch, but none of this information is official. If confirmed, Mario Party 11 should only be ready for launch in 2019.

We look forward to any announcements about the existence of Mario Party 11, the game could be unveiled in one of the next Nintendo Direct or maybe at E3 in Los Angeles.