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Mario Kart Tour Guide: How to Get Free Rubies

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Mario Kart Tour has broken all records provided by Nintendo. In just one week we have learned that it has already exceeded 90 million downloads, a great figure that makes what has been achieved by other brands of the company itself that also made the leap to mobile platforms.

From the beginning, we have been helping you to understand how to solve the problems you may encounter in it. But how can you get free rubies? In this mini-guide, we will explain to you how to get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour.

Remember that there are two currencies at the moment: the coins, obtained during the base game, and the rubies, the premium currency. There are several methods to obtain them without having to go through the box; The easiest, without a doubt, is to receive the daily rewards, obtained only by logging in. On the other hand, opening season prizes, which we can complete as if it were a battle pass. When you buy the golden pass you will receive even more rewards.

If we want to get them while enjoying the game, the greatest number of rubies will appear when completing the cups, that is, finishing the set of four races attached to them. This will take us a little longer, but it’s worth it. While we run, we will gain experience with which we will also increase the level in the game; Some progress goals will also reward us with this currency.

Package Prices:

If the game has ended your patience, you can also purchase any of the packages currently available, whose price and the ruby ​​ratio varies between the most basic package (3 rubies for $1.99) and the most valuable (135 rubies for $69.99—$10 more). Among them, there is a range of four different packages between $13.99 and $54.99.

If you are players on different platforms, you should know that the purchase of rubies does not move between devices. Although the Nintendo account is the same, the game does not allow switching from iOS to Android while maintaining our entire profile.