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Mario Kart Tour Delayed by Nintendo

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The latest financial report from Nintendo not only included information about sales of Nintendo Switch, but also gave information on some of the most important releases planned for this year.

After several months without news about Mario Kart Tour, we finally have more information about it, although this news will probably disappoint more than one fan who is waiting for the game. The mobile title was planned to be released this fiscal year, specifically at a time in March.

However, Nintendo revealed in its report that it needs more time to perfect the quality of the game. Thus, the launch of Mario Kart Tour was delayed until the summer of this year. For now, there is no exact date for its release.

“In the smart-device business, Mario Kart Tour was scheduled to be released this fiscal year, but in order to improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch, the release date has been move to summer 2019,” Nintendo wrote.

The company made it clear that it will remain in the mobile market, because they plan to continue with the operations and support for others of their titles already launched for these platforms.

Nintendo confirmed the development of Mario Kart Tour in January 2018. While it has not been confirmed, it is expected to debut on iOS and Android devices. For now, we know that it will be a free-to-start game.

Mario Kart Tour is in development for mobiles and will release in summer 2019.