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Mario Kart in Unreal Engine 4 download available now

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A modder is currently working on a version of Mario Kart running on PC and running with the Unreal Engine 4. A first version is presented in the below video and it is also available for download.

Mario Kart Pics
Mario Kart Pics

An amateur developer known by the pseudonym CryZENx has already appeared in most online news magazine with its project to produce a Super Mario with the Unreal Engine 4, the graphics engine from Epic Games. This fan has also recently announced that he is working on a Mario Kart game exploiting this same technology.

The project, scheduled to be standalone, is still in a state of development. However, a first tech demo is available below and has some good ideas in development. Of course, the feeling is far from that of an episode of Nintendo, but the potential of the project is palpable.

CryZENx even provided the game files, for those who wish to try this project. You can download the filse from this address and play it on your PC (Windows). The designer recommends using your keyboard to play, the controls using a joystick is not yet fully optimized.

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