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Many PlayStation 4 failures are due to cockroaches

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Kotaku has recently published a report produced in collaboration with some American experts, who confirm that they have repaired many faulty or malfunctioning PlayStation 4 by simply opening the console and removing the beetles deposited inside.

A strange study recently published by Kotaku reveals a lesser-known problem of PlayStation 4, which also includes the recent system update that cannot be remedied. It seems that the Sony console, at least in North America, is often infested with cockroaches, and there are very specific reasons behind this invasion.

A technician of XCubicle (Manhattan store) has announced that every week he has to free a number of PS4 realized by insects, an operation that the laboratory in question runs for $25.

Cockroaches love the warm, dark places, therefore the inside of a console is a good place to shelter, but it seems that PlayStation 4 is particularly appreciated by insects, probably due to the increased heat developed and the air vents placed in a place easily accessible and large enough to allow insects to enter easily.

According to the technician, the problem in question is increasingly popular in the United States, so much so that Sony has a very clear policy in this regard and does not carry a warranty claim in case the console guests insects, cockroaches and other pests. More and more however independent shops offer this type of service, sterilizing the console to make the job done.