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Many Japanese Developers are interested in developing games for Scorpio

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Last week, Phil Spencer has traveled to Japan to meet with studios and publishers interested in developing new projects for Scorpio and Xbox One. Although they have not yet announced any news about what happened there, the head of the Xbox division said he was confident and confirms the interest of Japanese developers for the two consoles.

Project Scorpio and Xbox One is concerned by many Japanese developers. To reveal it is Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, through a tweet in reply to another user in recent hours.

A player of Xbox asked Spencer if the trip to Japan had been productive. Spencer said that there are so many developers interested in the two platforms and has had the opportunity to get a preview of new games. He can not currently disclose any specifics, but the trip to Japan seems to have paid off.

“A lot of dev interest in Scorpio/Xbox One. Previewed a lot of new games. Can’t share 3P specifics but Japan was a great trip,” Specer said on Twitter.

Project Scorpio will be available at the end of 2017, however, it is still unclear when Microsoft will present the new console.

Now we only have to wait to find out more information about it, a line-up with the Eastern mold titles would help Microsoft to serve to win over the growing number of fans of the genre in the West and improve hardware sales in Japan.

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