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Man Killed After Incident of Swatting in Call of Duty Game

A discussion between two competitive Call of Duty players has led to the death of a man by police in Kansas after authorities were incorrectly informed that he was holding someone hostage.

The toxicity and the immature and hostile behavior in the multiplayer scene of the games is a problem of the difficult solution and although companies struggle to maintain a healthy playing environment, some players only have in mind to ruin the experience. Unfortunately, this type of behavior took the life of a person in the United States after a swatting incident in Wichita, Kansas.

Yesterday 2 players of Call of Duty met in a session via UMG Gaming’s competitive platform, Wager, and they bet $1.50 USD. After the match ended, both users argued and one of them decided to swat, but the other player’s address was false and corresponded, really, to the home of 28-year-old Andrew Finch, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, and father of 2 children.

The player who decided to swat handed the address to a user who has been flagged for incidents of this type and who is considered responsible for the bomb alert call that suspended the Dallas Open from the Call of Duty World League. The call to the Wichita police reported an incident of domestic violence in which the father had decided to take his wife and children hostage; the police arrived at the scene and implemented the corresponding operation, unfortunately, as soon as they found Finch they shot him and killed him.

The Wichita police reported that they are investigating the origin of the swatting and, after the news became public, the UMG Gaming Wager platform promised to give all the information that can help and some recognized users in the competitive scene of Call of Duty contributed important data, such as the nickname of the 2 players who came into conflict, Miruhcle and Baperizer, who immediately closed their Twitter accounts.

In addition, the professional player of Call of Duty, FaZe of the ZooMaa clan, revealed that he has the location and the Twitter account of the user who carried out the swatting and that he tried to do the same in official tournaments and invited those affected to report it to be stopped by the police.

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