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Takai: Making A Final Fantasy VII Remake Is More Than Just Improving The Graphics

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Final Fantasy VII remake is in development and Square Enix knows that in their hands they have the complicated mission to meet the expectations of fans who have waited for years, so it is striving to match the original. Apparently, one of the key ideas to achieve this is to understand that it is not enough to improve its graphics.

In a talk with CGWorld, Shintaro Takai, the art director and special effects of Final Fantasy VII Remake mentioned that when he worked on the original he did not pay as much attention to the effects he implemented. That is to say, there were cases where enemies emit red flames, although, in reality, they have nothing to do with their style. So, in the remake, he will be careful with the appearance of the enemies so that they represent their abilities and appearance.

In other words, what Takei said is that it is not enough to improve the graphics of Final Fantasy VII in this remake, but the art and effects team must do a deeper job that ensures that their visual elements do not clash with their function.

To conclude, Takei was asked if those interested in working in the visual section of Final Fantasy VII Remake should be experts of the original game and his response, surprisingly, was negative. The above since the producer Yoshinori Kitase and the director Tetsuya Nomura can guide all the talents that want to collaborate in the game. So, Square Enix gives priority to people who have experience working in AAA titles and who are motivated to work on the expected project.

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While there is little information on Final Fantasy VII, we can tell you that Square Enix is still working on its combat system and that Cloud is expected to keep its clumsiness in this new version. On the other hand, images of the remake that were shown in an exhibition in Japan were recently leaked.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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