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Microsoft: All Major Retailers Supporting Xbox Game Pass Changes

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In recent days, some independent retailers have flung themselves against the new course of Xbox Game Pass: the decision to make available on day one the first-party titles for subscribers could end up damaging the business of small retailers, who immediately fell into the field to make one’s voice heard.

Through the pages of GamesIndustry, a spokesman for Microsoft commented on the story: “The response to the news thus far has been positive. As we noted in our announcement, our plan is to offer ways for select retailers to assort and promote Game Pass.”

“In fact, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with the breadth of demand from retailers so far, and we’re considering if and how we broaden our distribution plans. We welcome feedback on our plans, and will continue to evolve our plans as appropriate,” the spokesman said.

“We have a long history partnering with independent stores around the world, and continue to believe they play a unique and valuable part in the ecosystem,” the spokesperson further stated.

Remember that Sea of Thieves will inaugurate the new course of Xbox Game Pass on 20th March, at day one the game will be available immediately for all subscribers, as the same will happen with Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and with all other first-party titles of Xbox.