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Mai Shiranui is now available in Dead or Alive 5

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Mai Shiranui, the iconic fighter of The King of Fighters, is now available in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.


Finally, after several weeks of waiting, Mai Shiranui has made her debut in Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round yesterday and the transition of the 2D games to a whole 3D atmosphere went off without a hitch.

Koei Tecmo announced that, from now on, players can download Shiranui Mai in different ways. The character is available for $7.99 USD on the Xbox Store and 5 suits are sold separately at $2.99 USD or through a package of $9.99 USD.

Moreover, the fighter is also available with the Season Pass 5 of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Pack at $92.99 USD which also gives a total of 96 suits, some inspired by The King of Fighters.

Well, it seems that Koei Tecmo has not thought about the sixth version of this franchise, at least not in the near future. We hope that Mai succeeds in this title as there are still several characters that would be perfect in Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round such as Angel, Blue Mary, Athena and for the ladies, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami would be a very good choice.

The video below focuses primarily on Mai Shiranui, the famous wrestler of The King of Fighters that will join today the roster of sexy fighters of Dead or Alive 5.

Check out the debut trailer of Mai Shiranui below: