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Magic Duels: Origins for PC and Xbox One download available now

Magic Duels: Origins is available on PC and Xbox One. And it is also coming on iPhone and iPad in the coming week. It came out first on the PC edition and Xbox One console. You can get this game through Steam also. For both platforms the game is released and can be downloaded. There is no information yet provided for the PS4 edition. Players are free to play this game without creating any account.  The game comes with some newly added cards and with new sets it will be more impressive to play. You can play offline through a story based campaign. And there is also an online mode available where you can compete with others.

Magic Duels Origins Screenshot


The developer is offering this game for free through via Steam. You can get and have an entirely new set of digital cards to play with. The game is not having any kind of restriction in the free edition. You can play and also unlock various other cards in it. Also there are ample of nice multiplayer mode you can go for.

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