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Mafia III Patch 1.01 download available now on PC, includes 60 FPS options

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Good news for players of Mafia III on PC, for Hangar 13 announced that the game will now run at 30 and 60 fps, or unlock the frame rate if they prefer, thanks to a patch that debuted this day.

Mafia III Sign of the Times

As we reported a few days ago, the debut of Mafia III on PC was not just the most serene, because of the choice of the developers of Hangar 13 to limit the frame rate to 30 fps. After knowing that the update was being tested, the developers have officially confirmed that the patch is now available.

The developers were very quick to remedy this issue, so since a few hours of the night, the patch was made available throughout the system. Thus, all players must do a reboot of Mafia III to acquire the 1.01 patch that adds the above mentioned feature expected by PC gamers and may change in the game menu.

But that’s not all, because this patch also includes enhancements to the keyboard remapping, so players will find some new options. As a note, the studio mentioned that this patch restores the default settings of the controllers, so if you already have some modification, you have to do it again.

As you know, Mafia III is already available, since it debuted on October 7 for Xbox One, PlayStation and PC.

Here are the tweets taken directly from the official Twitter page of the game: